Thursday, February 28, 2013

Interview: "Burp" with Park Geun-tae

In recent times we have featured special interviews here on the KOFFIA blog with up and coming filmmakers from Korea. In case you missed them, we will list them here for you, so that you can learn more about the people behind the films, but also to inspire all of those buddying filmmakers out there.

From KOFFIA we have "Remember O Goddess", an interview with Lee Yoon-Jung, "An Education", an interview with Cho Yong-Won, "See You Tomorrow", an interview with Lee Woo-jung, "Ghost", an interview with Dahci Ma, "Fly By Night", an interview with Son Tae-gyum, "Examination", an interview with Judy Suh and finally, "A Brand New Journey", an interview with Kim Hee-jin

From Cinema on the Park we had "A Glaring Night", an interview with Lee Mi-ji, "Making Noise in Silence", an interview with Mina Son and "Kowi", an interview with Mary-Jo Tohill. Today we begin a new program of interviews with short film directors whose shorts are featured in this years Cinema on the Park lineup. 

We will be providing them in Korean and English and hope you feel a greater connection to the films. Special thanks to all the distributors that assisted with the interviews. Today's interview is with the director of BURP, Park Geun-tae. It's a fun, lively and vidid short animation about a battle with alien invaders through biological warfare. A must see!

There're a truck driver on a foggy hillside road and a big pig. 
Suddenly some UFO's that turned up from somewhere attacked them. 
What would be their fate?