Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Interview: "Flying Accident" with Shin Dong-hyun

Once again we have a special interview for our audience here on the KOFFIA blog, this time with the director of short film "Flying Accident" Shin Dong-hyun. The short animation recently screened at the Korean Cultural Office's weekly film night program called Cinema on the Park. It's a fast passed action-packed short animation with a heart of gold. Read on below!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: My Girlfriend is an Agent / 7급 공무원 (2009)

Made four years later, ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’ is the Korean version of the 2005 Hollywood movie ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’, about a couple who are actually both secret agents, but neither of them are aware of the others real identity. While that movie may have garnered only average reviews, clearly the formula was an attractive one for it to be remade, and in one of the movie worlds ironies, it’s now the Korean version of the concept which is being remade as a Bollywood movie, ’22 Tango’, also four years after its original release.

Reuniting the on-screen pair of Kang Ji-hwan (‘Rough Cut / 영화는 영화다’) & Kim Ha-neul (‘You Pet / 너는 펫’), who previously worked together on the 2006 drama ’90 Days, Time to Love / 90일, 사랑할 시간’, ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’ makes for a lively and fun ride under the direction of Sin Tae-ra, who couldn’t be making a more different movie than his previous effort, the 2007 horror ‘Black House / 검은 집’.