Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reasons to keep your eyes peeled for Korean cinema

Korean cinema is a little like Kimchi (stay with me here). It has a taste like no other, the more you have it the more you’ll love it, and it’s an essential part of experiencing Korean culture. But unlike Kimchi, Korean cinema isn’t an acquired taste. Whether you’re a film buff, the occasional movie-goer or simply there for the popcorn, you will always be able to find something exciting and original in the distinctly different flavour of Korean cinema.

Especially over the last decade, Korean films have been drawing the attention of audiences from all over the world as the successful numbers of domestic bums on seats have expanded to regional exports, co-productions, and American remakes that recognize the talent of Korean filmmakers and the universal reach of their stories.

Coming from a nation that has undergone incredible political and economic change, the Korean film industry itself has transformed into one of greater creative freedom and international appeal. As a result, the subjects explored in Korean cinema look at a range of personalities, landscapes and ideas in both large-scale and intimate modes of storytelling, making it increasingly challenging and exciting for Korean filmmakers to continually push boundaries and expectations within well-established genres.

With Korea’s whacky sense of humour, rich cultural background and uncompromisingly innovative cinematic vision, the nation's film industry has continued to garner the respect and critical acclaim of prestigious international film festivals at home and abroad.

So if you're wanting to experience something unique, new and even daring (or just plain sick of seeing the same predictable Hollywood flick as I personally am),you should keep your eyes peeled for Korean cinema and the screening schedule for the Korean Film Festival in Australia. I can't say Kimchi's on the rise, but Korean cinema most definitely is.

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