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'Remember O Goddess: FILM NOIR, ADVENTURE & LOVE'

To celebrate it being just 111 days till KOFFIA2012, we decided to announce 1 film in our selection. Raelene Loong blogs about the project below, which has been making news world-wide due to the interesting campaign behind it. Oh and in case you didn't hear, we have announced our dates for 2012. KOFFIA will take place in SYDNEY: Aug 22-28, MELBOURNE: Sept 8-12 and BRISBANE: Sept 27-30, mark it in your diary!

A few weeks ago I'd seen this Kickstarter campaign floating around the Korean film Twitter community. The campaign is for a film called Remember O Goddess: FILM NOIR, ADVENTURE & LOVE directed and written by Yoon Jung Lee. The film exists as a 25 minute short film, but Yoon Jung has started this Kickstarter campaign to turn it into a full feature length film.

A man reports the disappearance of himself at a police station. He has lost his memory, and only remembers waking up alone in an empty apartment. Struggling to find the clues as to who he might be, he meets a girl at a convenience store who seems to know him. She becomes his only hope in finding his identity, but disappears when he returns to ask her. The film is an eclectic combination of (as noted in the title) film noir, adventure and love, and it reminds me of Rian Johnson's Brick - great film, I recommend you to see it if you haven't already. If you have, well, then there is all the more reason to check our Remember O Goddess!

Actor Kim Jung-tae plays the film's lead character in his first indie feature film. Kim previously starred in Dream High 2, Miss Ripley, Siu (Teuksubon) and He's On Duty (BangaBanga) which closed the first year of Cinema On The Park screenings. Alongside Kim is up and coming Korean model A-ra Choi in her acting debut.

The crew comprises of a mix of experienced filmmakers. Director and writer Yoon Jung Lee has made many short films as well as produced experimental works that have been introduced at various galleries and museums. Yoon has also worked with some big name directors including Kim Ji-woon, having been the script supervisor for his film The Good, The Bad, The Weird. Producer Jung Youn has produced many award-winning films including Good Night, Sorry and Thanks, as well as Teamwork, which screened at the 2nd Korean Film Festival in Australia last year. The rest of the crew includes cinematographer U Young Chang (Teamwork, Good Night, The Villains) and editor Sae Kyoung Moon, who edited Mother which opened the 1st Korean Film Festival in Australia in 2010.

Jung Woo-sung, who worked with Yoon Jung Lee is quite the looker.
He also thinks you should support Remember O Goddess.

For those who do not know, Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. The way it works is you are rewarded for 'backing' the project with funds, and the project must reach its goal in order to receive the money. It's a great way to support small or independent projects like Yoon Jung's film, and to get involved!

The campaign has just six days left to accumulate its target $30,000, which will be put towards the production of the feature length version of the film. It is currently short of just under $4000 and needs all the support it can get in order to be fully funded. I encourage you to watch the above Kickstarter campaign video for Remember O Goddess and please help to fund the project. I personally think it will be a great film (watch the 25 minute short version, it's great), and am one of many who would like to see this feature film come to reality.

I'm a backer. Are you?

Spread the word, share it within your friends, family, within your circles and get involved!

Help back the project by visiting this link to the film's Kickstarter campaign page.

By Raelene Loong

The short film version of "Remember O Goddess" will have its Australian premiere as part of the 3rd Korean Film Festival in Australia. It will screen in our Shorts on the Park program, a special selection of international shorts that screens for free, so make sure to come along and check it out. 
"I'm so excited to have the Australian premiere of REMEMBER O GODDESS at Korean Film Festival In Australia. I'm looking forward to hearing feedback from audiences in Australia. At this moment, we're raising funds to expand the short REMEMBER O GODDESS to a feature-length film via Kickstarter platform. Hopefully you'll check out the campaign page and consider backing us." - Yoon Jung Lee, Director
Also if you want to help fund the feature film please do so, wouldn't it be great to one day see the feature at a future KOFFIA? Well you can help make it happen but kickstarting it today!

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  1. Thank you so much for inviting REMEMBER O GODDESS and posting about us as the first selection of KOFFIA 2012! I'm looking forward to screening the feature version REMEMBER O GODDESS at KOFFIA. - director Yoon Jung Lee