Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Interview: "Remember O Goddess" with Lee Yoon-Jung

This week we put the spotlight on Lee Yoon-Jung, director and writer of short film Remember O Goddess, which is a part of our K-MYSTERY section in our International Short Film Showcase program this year.

In the middle of the night, a man reports the disappearance of himself to the police office. He has lost his memory. He can only remember from the moment he found himself left alone in an apartment. He tries to find any clue as to who he might be, but nothing comes out. When he plucks up the courage to go out, he meets a girl at a convenience store, who he thinks might know him. Instantly she becomes his only hope and joy, but when he returns, she has disappeared. His quest to find someone who remembers him suddenly becomes greater than his need for his own memories.

Remember O Goddess is a film which stirs the humanity in us all and prompts us to think about what we choose to learn and what we keep ignorant in our lives. The short film has already been recognised in several international film festivals including the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, where it won the Golden Reel Jury Award for a Short Film, the New York International Film Festival and San Diego Asian American Film Festival in 2011. Yoon-Jung has already started working on a feature film length version of Remember O Goddess, which garnered an impressive response from crowd-funding website and initiative Kickstarter

Read on for a short interview with director Lee Yoon-Jung and her film Remember O Goddess.

How did you get into the film industry?

After graduating from CalArts, I worked for My Brutal But Sweet Girl as a script supervisor. I was lucky to get the job without a connection to the production team.

What or who inspires you as an artist?
I search for some stirring moments in everyday life. It can be a something I see in a grocery store, a line that I find in a book, or a piece of music that moves me.

Can you tell us more about Remember O Goddess?
It’s about a man who has lost his memory. The short film was made as the first part of a feature-length film of which I am shooting the rest this year. In the short film, I wanted show a man who is extremely lonely and disconnected while surrounded by huge crowd in a modern city. In the rest of the part in the feature film, I will show people who he made as lonely as him without his knowledge. They will meet somewhere and finally find a hope of being connected with the right person.

Are you excited to have an Australian Premiere at KOFFIA? 

Sure! I’ve been always wanting to have an opportunity to visit and know about Australia. I am curious of both urban life and rural life (or no life) in the continent. I’ve looked into Australian desert as an option for location of The Good, The Bad, The Weird during the pre-production of the film, and I was amazed by the abundance of various kind of landscape. I will be super excited when Australian audience know about my film and finally I have a chance to visit. 

What's next for you? 
I’m currently in pre-production for the feature length version of Remember O Goddess.

Watch the trailer for Remember O Goddess.

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