Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interview: "See You Tomorrow" with Lee Woo-jung

Here is the final interview to the series of interviews of the short filmmakers whose films were part of the 3rd Korean Film Festival in Australia's International Short Film Showcase held this year in Sydney. Our final interview is with Lee Woo-jung, whose film 'See You Tomorrow' was part of the School Days section of the program. 

As the school day come to an end, two friends see each other off with a familiar routine that has begun to bore Hyo-jung. She is tired of school life, study and her usual friends, and sets out on a night to try something new. Her once ordinary existence will forever be changed after a dark evening of exploration.

See You Tomorrow received international critical-acclaim, having screened in the International Competition section of the Berlinale Shorts at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival this year. The film also competed in the 37th Seoul Independent Film Festival and the 16th Busan International Film Festival in 2011.

Read on for a short interview with director Lee Woo-jung and her film See You Tomorrow

How did you get into the film industry?
A small interest for the movies lead me to study drama and cinema. At the time, I never imagined I would be making films.

What or who inspires you as a filmmaker?
Not anyone specifically, but I am always interested in the stories of my family and friends. They have inspired me in many ways through that.

Tell us more about why you wanted to make See You Tomorrow.
It all started from having nostalgic memories of my teenage years and the neighbourhood I grew up in. During those years, I lived in a huge apartment complex. There was an abandoned advertising balloon on the rooftop, which was right next to my apartment building, and a rumour had been circulating that some students from my school and a few others in the neighbourhood were drinking up there and fell asleep in the balloon. On the next day they were found dead from suffocation.

I began to wonder if it was true or not, so I did some research to find out. It turned out that something similar had happened, but not in my town. I recalled every rumour I had heard in those days. At that time we were feeling insecure because we were young and going through puberty. There were too many rumours based on groundless evidence, which inspired me to make a film as fictitious as the wild rumours I had heard about. I wanted the film to be just like a rumour.

Are you excited to have an Australian Premiere at the 3rd Korean Film Festival in Australia? 
That's exactly what I had wanted!

What's next for you?
I am currently writing a script for a feature film, but it won't be easy.

How can people in Australia follow you? Do you have a blog/facebook/twitter etc?
My facebook is http://www.facebook.com/woojung.lee.902

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