Tuesday, November 12, 2013

KOFFIA 2013: My Experience by Margaret

The opportunity to blog for KOFFIA has been an enriching and rewarding experience. Much like Ben, I have been attempting to juggle the demands of uni, learning Korean and tutoring HSC students, with writing for the KOFFIA blog. It has been a tough balance, but a nice reprieve! As much as I like writing, it can be an arduous task actually putting pen to paper. Starting that first sentence is always the most excruciating. 

My Korean film background is not impressive at all, so I feel that the blogging experience really opened my eyes to the impressive repertoire of Korean films out there. I may not engage in fan-girling or know all the actors names and filmography, but I am beginning to appreciate Korean film, especially as I enjoy seeing the settings and places in the films  that are so familiar to me. 

This makes me extremely nostalgic for Korea. So, I guess watching Korean film is a happy medium; I can maintain my vicarious wanderlust, somewhat! I would have liked to have attended more screenings, but I am hoping that there will be further opportunities to blog in the near future. Since returning to Sydney after living in Korea for almost 3 years, I was astounded to find that Korean culture was really burgeoning. 

A well organised event, such as KOFFIA, is proof that people are beginning to immerse themselves in the ample cultural offerings of the 'Land of the Morning Calm'. Sydney has an ever-blossoming Korean community with Korean grocers, restaurants and yogurt shops popping up faster than you can say 'Psy, so it has been wonderful to see all segments of the community coming together to enjoy the week of films.

Until KOFFIA 2014, I hope you have enjoyed the KOFFIA blogging team's movie reviews! We have enjoyed writing for you!

By Margaret Hurrell

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