Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Blogathon is Over! Long live the Blogathon!

From March 7 through 14, the first official KOFFIA Blog was excited to be a part of the Korean Blogathon 2011. It was a terrific way to kick off our blog, and highlight the best of Korean cinema. Proving that there are fans all over the world for the emerging wonders of South Korean film, our articles aimed to highlight not only our favourite films, but the filmmakers behind those movies as well.

In case you missed it, here's a look back at what we did:
  • Join KOFFIA for the Korean Blogathon 2011 and win! - Our original call to arms by KOFFIA Blog Editor Richard Gray!
  • A Secret Ray of Sunshine - Sarah Ward took a look at actress Jeon Do-Youn, star of such films as Untold Scandal, Secret Sunshine and the remake of The Housemaid 
  • Motherly Love - Sarah continued her examination of the role of women in Korean cinema for International Women's Day with this look at Bong Joon-ho's Mother.
  • Castaway in Hollywood: Remakes of Korean Films - Not only is Hollywood finding out about Korean films, they are remaking them - but Korean is starting to play them at their own game, as KOFFIA Blog Editor Richard Gray found out in this article.
  • Lee Hae-jun: Master of Quirk - With his KOFFIA 2010 Closing Night hit Castaway on the Moon soon to be remade by John Waters, Richard Gray took a look at this writer/director's career to date.
  • A Million: the hypocrisy of "reality" - Richard Gray helps Korea and Australia celebrate the 2011 year of friendship by examining this Korean film shot in the Australian outback.

  • Korean Film Downunder Volume 1 - KOFFIA Marketing Director Kieran Tully examines the recent history of Korean film in Australia, and ponders the future of Korean releases down under.
  • A Movie is a Movie - Kwenton Bellette follows up his KOFFIA 2010 piece on Kim Ki-duk by examining his hard-hitting Rough Cut.
  • Korean Cinema: Crossing Borders, Crossing Genres - KOFFIA Marketing Assistant Raelene Loong tells everything there is love about Korean cinema's amazing ability to cross genres.
  • Lee Chang-dong find an Oasis - Gaurav Bhalla dissects this touching portrayal of true love, social repression, and the unspoken yearnings which are expressions of our human nature
  • An A to Z Guide to Korean Cinema: Part 1 - Samson Kwok takes a novel approach to listing the best of the best of Korean film, from Attack the Gas Station through to King and the Clown.
  • Bong Joon-ho: Master of menace - Sarah Ward takes a further look at one of the true leading lights in the Korean film industry, and the director of Mother, The Host and Memories of Murder.
  • Im Sang-soo wipes the house clean - Christopher J. Wheeler weighs up the merits of the remake to the 1960s Korean classic The Housemaid, and is surprised to find just how much they differ.
  • An A to Z guide to Korean Cinema: Part 2 - Samson Kwok continues his guide to Korean cinema, taking us from Lover's Concerto all the way up to Art Museum by the Zoo. Hey, that's cheating!
  • The Chaser - Sarah Ward closed off the blogathon with a look at Na Hong-jin's The Chaser, part of a new breed of shock-thrillers within a culturally specific frame.

That's a whopping 15 posts in a week! Excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back and take a deep breath for a moment. We'd like to thank all of the contributors listed below (in no particular order) for giving up their time and energy to make this blogathon a success for KOFFIA. They are:

It doesn't stop here of course! KOFFIA 2011 is still coming to Sydney and Melbourne this year, and we are warming up a terrific program for you. Stay tuned right here - along with Twitter, Facebook and the KOFFIA website - for all the latest and greatest news.

We will keep blogging throughout the year, so don't you go changing!

Richard is a Marketing Assistant for KOFFIA and the KOFFIA Blog Editor. He can be contacted via email on richard.gray@koffia.com.au

He is also the Editor-in-chief of DVD Bits and The Reel Bits. He can be found on Twitter @DVDBits and @The_ReelBits. In this guise, you can also reach him at richard@thereelbits.com

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