Saturday, March 5, 2011

KOFFIA expands in 2011!

2011 will be a year you will never forget, a year which promises to be a huge one for Korea-Australia relations. 2011 is officially the 'Year of Friendship' between Australia and Korea, as we celebrate 50 Years of Australian-Korean diplomatic relations. 


To mark this historic event, a Korean Cultural Office will open in Sydney in April, of which KOFFIA will be run from. The team at the KCO are delighted to be bringing you so much wonderful cultural content in an aim to enhance the cultural exchange between the two Nations. KOFFIA will be at the forefront of this exchange. 

KOFFIA 2011 will not disappoint and we are delighted to announce that we are greatly expanding this year. 2011 will see KOFFIA expand to 6 days of screenings in Sydney and 4 days of screenings in Melbourne! We have worked alongside our talented venue partners Dendy Cinemas and ACMI, to develop a schedule and environment that will make your experience an enjoyable one. 


The Korean Film Festival in Australia was a highly successful and popular event in 2010, with over 1,250 people attending and 99% stating they would be back again in 2011. Dates for this years festival will be released shortly so you can 'save the date'. Hopefully in future years we will be able to expand ever more, and get to all regions of Australia. 

Kieran Tully,
KOFFIA Marketing Director

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