Friday, August 26, 2011

What are you doing this weekend? Coming to KOFFIA that's what!

After a week of university assignments, work, household chores and all that other boring weekday stuff, TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday!) seems like an apt thing to scream at the top of your lungs before you jump into KOFFIA’s exciting weekend of films, events and forums!

This Saturday, the Young Korean Filmmakers in Australia (YKFA) awards will be presented with a talk on digital aesthetics by lecturer and author Bruce Isaacs, whose expertise in critical approaches to film production will certainly get us thinking about the innovative practices currently used in digital cinema, and the endless possibilities that lie before future filmmakers.

The short film Night Fishing by Park Chan Wook (which was completely filmed on an iPhone!) will also be screened with Blue by Stephen Kang - a Grand Prix Canal award winner from the Critic's Week at Cannes Film Festival this year.

And just when you thought your brain wouldn’t be able to handle any more awesomeness, KOFFIA is holding a special ‘Meet the Director’ forum with director Ryoo Seung Wan, whose specialty in hard-boiled Korean thrillers will have eager fans and budding filmmakers fighting for a seat in this free event.

Catch the screening of Earth’s Women at 2.00pm, an industry forum on Korean cinema’s place in Australia, held by Richard Gray and Mathieu Ravier, and the final screening of The Journals of Musan at 4.30pm to close a fantastic Saturday with KOFFIA.

When Sunday comes around, the show must go on with a screening of… The Show Must Go On! Park Chan Wook’s riveting political thriller, JSA: Joint Security Area will also be screened before a thought-provoking industry forum is held on the representation of the Korean War in cinema, led by Dr. Jane Park and Dr. Leonid Petrov from the University of Sydney.

With these two experts combining their knowledge on Asian representations in film and Korea’s social, economic and historical background, audiences will be offered insightful views and ideas on the films JSA, Secret Reunion and The Journals of Musan.

With KOFFIA there are no excuses for staying home and being bored out of your mind this weekend! Join us at the Dendy Opera Quays for a cinematic experience like no other!

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