Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sydney has voted!

It is official, KOFFIA 2011 has once again satisfied Sydneysiders with a Hunger for Drama! We made people HOLD ON TIGHT with hard-boiled crime thrillers and gut-busting family comedies. Check out what the audience thought below. 

The 5 Most Popular Films of KOFFIA 2011 as voted by our Sydney audience

1. JSA Joint Security Area: 4.5 Stars

2. A Barefoot Dream: 4.5 Stars

3. The Man From Nowhere: 4.5 Stars

4. Secret Reunion: 4.5 Stars

5. The Unjust: 4.5 Stars

The top 4 of those are now heading down to Melbourne, so lets see if taste differs between the 2 cities. Overall 8 sessions received a 4.5 star average, 7 sessions a 4.0 star average, and just 2 sessions a 3.5 star average. Crime and Punishment (The Unjust, The Man From Nowhere), Brothers Divided (JSA, Secret Reunion) and Ride the Dream (Bunt, A Barefoot Dream) proved to be the most popular themes of the year. Another outstanding result for KOFFIA and further proof that our audience was highly satisfied. 

Melbourne, its almost time to ...... HOLD ON TIGHT!!!

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