Saturday, February 18, 2012

15,000 views for the KOFFIA Blog!

Well people have clearly shown their Hunger for Drama, as the KOFFIA Blog has just hit 15,000 views in just its 1 year lifetime! Thank you all for following and discovering more about Korean film. Throughout this year it will be regularly updated with content from a variety of writers, so keep checking back with us to satisfy your hunger for Korean cinema. 

The Old KOFFIA Blog header, oh the memories :)

In just 2 weeks time the Korean Blogathon will begin, so if you are interested in contributing please get in touch with us. The Blogathon is a week when the world focuses on Korean film, with articles and blogs to be written by fans from all around the world. We hope Australian Korean film-buffs are just as active and get blogging! Just email with you blog entry and the submissions will be featured here on the KOFFIA Blog. Review a film, discuss a trend, or highlight your favourite director, all entries are welcome!

Have something to say about Korean film? Then get BLOGGING!!!!

March will not just be a big event for Korean film worldwide, but also downunder, as the Korean Cultural Office focuses on X-TREME KOREA at their free Korean film program Cinema on the Park. It all begins with KOFFIA favourite "The Man From Nowhere", followed by Kim Ji-woon's "I Saw the Devil", and a Na Hong-jin double header of "The Chaser" and "The Yellow Sea". It will be the Sydney premiere of "The Yellow Sea" so make sure to come along and check out these hardcore crime thrillers! Entrance is free but bookings are required. 

Mr. Kim X-treme .... he's pretty X-TREME!


KOFFIA is the Korean Film Festival in Australia. Lookout for the 3rd edition in 2012!

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