Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Korean Blogathon is back!

Last year a significant event took place in the history of Korean cinema. A very important event that generated enormous amounts of content written about what we all love ... KOREAN FILM! A cinema that has long been in the shadows of other nations, finally got its day in the sun with engaging content available in multiple languages. That event is the Korean Blogathon, and it's about to return again in 2012!

In 2011, a total of 50 different sites took part in the blogathon, producing 150 articles and over 10,000 unique views on the host site alone! The Korean Blogathon 2012 is bound to be even bigger, and will take place from March 5-11. In what is a week focused on reading, writing and sharing ideas about Korean cinema, we hope you join the fun and take part. From short reviews of the latest Korean films or coverage of past classics, to discussing auteur theory or outlining a trend in the industry, if its about Korean cinema then its what we are after. 

KOFFIA and our generous contributors were heavily involved with the event last year, producing 15 articles that were both entertaining and educational. If you missed them then now is the chance to read them all! The team consisted of Kieran Tully, Samson Kwok, Richard Gray, Sarah Ward, Christopher J Wheeler, Kwenton Bellette, Gaurav Bhalla and Raelene Loong. We have more than 10 contributors lined up for 2012 so lookout! 

As for topics, you can discuss your favourite film at the Korean Film Festival in Australia, talk about what you are looking forward to seeing at Cinema on the Park, or just why you love Moon Sori so much! Its going to be a great week so keep it in your diary! If you specifically want to contribute to the KOFFIA part of the blogathon, email us today.

The blogathon this year will be run by cineAWESOME, with the content also shared among last years hosts New Korean Cinema, and new partners VCinema, Hangul Celluloid, Modern Korean Cinema and yes, Hungry for Drama, the KOFFIA blog! If you want to learn how to take part please read on below. We are very happy for anyone who thinks they have something interesting to say about Korean film to step up and contribute, the more the merrier! 

Long live the blogathon!

Following last years successful Korean Blogathon (thanks to everyone who joined us!) New Korean Cinema and cineAWESOME! will be hosting the event again this year from 5th to the 11th March.
What’s the Korean Blogathon?
It’s a way to try to encourage as many people – including YOU! – to share and discover opinions and ideas about Korean cinema. It’s open to anyone – wherever you are around the world and whichever language you speak.
For one week we try to encourage as many people as possible to get involved writing about Korean cinema. Anything you want. Over the course of the seven days this kicks up some really interesting posts – and, most importantly, people are able to read what you’ve written and discover films and ideas that they’ve never come across before, maybe learn a little about Korean film history, or maybe even discover websites and blogs they were previously unaware of.
Ideas for blog posts might include reviews, top tens, opinions on favorite directors / actors / genres, whatever you want – it just needs to be related to Korean cinema in some way. Last year we had fifty blogs participate, generating one hundred and fifty posts!
Check out the links for last years event here. This year the event will be hosted by cineAWESOME! and mirrored at New Korean Cinema.
All you need to do to join us is to write a post – or as many posts as you want over the seven days – on your blog or website during the week of 5th to the 11th of March then send an e-mail to with your link to and we’ll post a link to you from the site. You can also post your own links on our Facebook page or we will do it for you, and we’ll Tweet links to your posts throughout the week: the Twitter tag for the week will be #koreablog.
If you want to use one of our ‘Korean Blogathon 2012’ banners they can be downloaded from here
So don’t forget: 5th to the 11th March is the Korean Blogathon. Get involved!

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