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KOFFIA 2013 Review: A Werewolf Boy / 늑대소년

KOFFIA Blogger Michael Collins decided to take a look at the film that will open the 4th Korean Film Festival in Australia, Jo Sung-hee's A Werewolf Boy. The film had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival last year and has delighted audiences since. Read on to get Michael's thoughts on the film and build up your excitement for #KOFFIA2013!

Super natural slow dance romance is now a genre in your book store and it's pretty much a movie genre too. there's even zombie romance. This film is one for the members of Team Jacob. Told in flashbacks, this a fairytale of a girl who meets a very unusual boy indeed. A story of love and acceptance of an outsider.

A girl moves to a rural village and discovers an abandoned boy hiding amongst bushes. Initially fearful, she gradually warms to him and she decides to introduce him to her world. She teaches him to eat, to dress and tries to teach him some manners with amusing results. She has her work cut out for her as he's not very compliant. She persists though and gradually sees some results and they build a loyalty to each other. But is he just a boy who's grown up in the wild or is there something special about him?

The film will make healthy use of the tissues that you have. Gentle humour and heart string pulling will ensure that you will have quite the emotional reaction to this film. Pure and untainted affections are developed and as they come of age they learn how to deal with those feelings.

Fairy tales will have the occasional dark moment. That's a good thing. It adds to the drama - or melodrama. A Werewolf Boy does this well with the star crossed nature of the romance and the cold war style suspicions that raise their heads in its 1960s setting. The film's tone shifts smoothly, not too explicitly and the film is better for it.

Touching, sentimental and endearing, the magic of the story and characters is captured in the magic of the film. Starring the TV series Music Bank host and drama star Song Joong-ki along side of Park Bo-young who bring all their star power and charisma to hug this film in warm adorableness. Their star pedigree and assumed acting ability may make you wary of this film, but in fact there are sound performances from the two leads. They have good chemistry and provide convincing performances to convince you that these two can actually have feelings for each other as they bond over their mutual loneliness.

This film has a measured pace so you can dwell on facial expressions and body language. The film's modest budget may threaten you to buy in to this film, but the strength of the story and characters should be able to keep you engaged in the film. The film is nicely shot enhancing the fairytale nature of the film as well as making sure the stars are shown in the most flattering way.

This is sure to be a winner with teenage fans as they will be pulled into the story just as sure as they will have to pull in their older friends to come along with them to see the film. The smarts boys who go along will leave satisfied with this film as the film shows restraint in becoming over-ought.

By Michael Collins

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