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KOFFIA 2013 Blogging Team - Welcome Aboard!

With just under 3 weeks until we open in Brisbane for this year's KOFFIA Korean Film Festival, we are all very excited here at the KOFFIA headquarters. This year, the festivals theme is 'Presenting ... the Many Faces of Korean Cinema' as we hope to provide you with an access point to Korean cinema and culture and highlight the talented filmmakers, actors and actresses who are part of the world Hallyu!

Now, we would like to introduce you to some of those faces! Let me introduce you to 2013's amazing KOFFIA Blogging Team who will help to keep you updated with films reviews, program schedules, interviews with special guests, behind the scenes coverage of featured events and much more... so stay tuned!!!

Paul Bramhall 
Paul is an experienced KOFFIA blogger originally from the UK. He is occasionally a guest speaker at the Korean Cultures Office’s weekly Cinema on the Park Korean film night, so I'm sure you know him if you have followed our blog and activities. His interest in Korean cinema spans back a full decade ago in 2003 when he first watched 'Sympathy for Mr Vengeance'.

Paul will be reviewing several films for us this year which include 'The Thieves', 'The Berlin File' and 'Stoker'. His review of 'Action Boys' has received more than 3,500 views to date, and so we look forward to his action packed thoughts on 'Fists of Legend'!
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Michael Collins
Michael has been blogging film and music on and off since 1999 - that's even before there were really blogs! When he's not reviewing he's helping you decide what films to see at the film festival, riding his bike or going swing dancing. So feel free to ask him about music as well!

Michael is a big fan of the romance genre - namely 'Architecture 101' written and directed by Lee Yong-joo. K-pop fans will surely pay attention to Miss A's Suzy in this film and you should let Michael know about your own crush on her! We look forward to his blogs on 'A Werewolf Boy', 'The Tower' and 'Nameless Gangster'. 
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Ben Lee
Ben has a multicultural background, he is a Korean-born, New Zealand-raised university student currently based in Canberra, studying Development Studies and Economics. Being of Korean descent, he is interested in Korean culture and how it is portrayed and seen by non-Koreans outside of the motherland. He is always seeking to promote positive things and critique negative aspects about Korea!

He will be giving us his insights on '9 Muses of Star Empire', 'Architecture 101' and also the KOFFIA Short Film Competition finalists.  
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Margaret Hurell
Margaret is a young lady who is a Korean adoptee intrigued by Korean culture, food and fashion. She spent 2 years in Korea teaching conversational English and about 6 months learning the Korean language at Yonsei.

Since returning to Australia she has been fairly lax with her endeavors pertaining to Korean culture, but she is very excited to merge her continued fascination for Korean culture and exposure, with her passion for writing. She will blog for Kim Ki-duk's 'Pieta', the animated 'Approved for Adoption' and the quircky comedy 'Boomerang Family'.
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Genesis Mansilongan
Genesis is a new fan to K-pop, K-drama, K-fashion and most recently, K-film. His first Korean film was 'No Regret' (후회하지 않아) and it began his fascination with Korean film as well as Korean culture. If you're a fan of 'Lee Je-hoon' who is the main actor in both 'Architecture 101' and 'My Paparotti', please feel free to share your thoughts with him.

Genesis is going to introduce 'Masquerade', 'Whatcha Wearin'?' and 'My Paparotti'.
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Raelene Loong
Raelene was previously the Marketing and Digital Content Coordinator for the Korean Film Festival since its humble beginnings in 2010. Her background lies in filmmaking and graphic design, and she is not embarrassed to admit that her introduction to Korean cinema started with '200 Pounds Beauty'. It has been all up hill from then on, and she can't wait for Korean film to take its well-deserved place in the future of Asian cinema.

Raelene also assistant coordinates Cinema On The Park, a weekly Korean film night organised by the Korean Cultural Office, and has contributed to the KOFFIA Blog in the past, with her most popular entry being her story about discovering Korean cinema through Park Chan-wook's J.S.A. Joint Security Area. We look forward to her thoughts on 'Pluto', 'Miracle in Cell No.7' and the K-Shorts Showcase. 
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You can also follow the KOFFIA team on the twitter list we have set up, which will see updates from KOFFIA staff, volees, bloggers, family and friends, including Artistic Director Kieran Tully. We will be having a tremendous amount of interesting content on the blog, beginning this week, so check back often to learn more about KOFFIA 2013!

By Priscilla Chu, KOFFIA Marketing Coordinator

For more: 
Twitter: @KOFFIAFilmFest | #KOFFIA2013

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