Sunday, August 11, 2013

KOFFIA Short Film Comp Interview: "Inevitable Paradox" with Hyun Shin

Check out our exclusive interview with KOFFIA 2013 Short Film Competition finalist Hyun Shin below! Buy your tickets to what will be an exciting short film session, screening August 25th in Sydney!

1. What / Who inspired you to join this competition? Why did you get into filmmaking? 
I originally didn’t have any intentions to submit Inevitable Paradox but I felt that KOFFIA would be an ideal forum in which to share my work with others. The short answer as to why I got into filmmaking is that I was seeking a means to express myself and found film to be the most complete medium in which to do so. 

2. Can you tell us more about your film? What made you want to tell such a story?
I wanted to spark up a dialogue about the inevitabilities of our nature and our fate. The irony and absurdity that we face every second of our waking lives that we ignore or simply fail to grasp. I wanted to talk about that. 

3. The colour and lighting throughout the film is impressive, how did you pull it off? 
Spending many hours in post but more importantly I was able to work with a talented photographer who did a great job of translating my ideas into images. 

4. How is the audience meant to interpret the film? Is it a dream sequence that the man cannot escape from? What made you think of this inevitable twist? 
The surrounding ambiguity is an element of the film in itself and each person should extract his or her own meaning from the film. If you’re curious as to my personal interpretation we can discuss over a beer. 

5. Were there any difficulties during the entire shooting? Which part did you enjoy most and why? 
Working with a zero budget means that there are always going to be limits, however finding solutions and working around these limits is what I enjoy. I was lucky enough to work with people who were as passionate about the piece as I was so fortunately we didn’t encounter too many difficulties out of the ordinary. Personally, I’m not a smoker so smoking half a packet of cigarettes within the space of an hour wasn’t the most pleasant experience.

Thanks to Hyun Shin for the Interview!

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