Friday, August 23, 2013

Why You Should Watch Films at KOFFIA 2013 and Not at Home

Someone I know once declared: "150 inch projector and a bunch of blu-rays is my film festival." He is wrong. Here's why.

The better screen and sound. See Gladiator's opening scene on a big screen? The small screen version doesn't compare.  You don't feel every hit in a battle scenes like you do on the big screen and there are plenty of hits in Fists of Legend.  The sound at the start of the music documentary Made of Stone about the Stone Roses was astounding. And we didn't have to worry about turning the sound down in case it bothered the neighbours. There's some great music to be heard in the 9 Muses of Star Empire documentary. 

Nothing like seeing a film with a full house!

The audience reactions will amplify your own or perhaps they will confound you. Either way it makes it better. Plus your being so social and getting off that couch. Being social does not mean looking at your phone peering at pics of what someone had for lunch yesterday. You can talk to your friends about the the film afterwards while going somewhere to eat. Yes you get to go out to dinner. So unless your fried chicken is better than Naruone then this will be a plus. If your fried chicken is better than Naruone then please invite the KOFFIA team over. They'd love to check it out.

Fried Chicken and Beer anyone?

Something your laptop does not have, is Q&A sessions with film makers and stars of films you're watching. Kim Kko-Bbi and Moon Byoung-Gon don't want to go to your place. No matter how big your TV or how good your fried chicken might be. Yoon Jong-Chan and Shin Su-won will be too busy at the festival to come around to your place either.

Special guests galore!

Your pyjama party may attract two or three of your friends, but that will be peanuts compared to the huge number that will be at the Pyjama Party for the screening of Watcha Wearin'. Plus there'll be better popcorn. If you're more of a sweet tooth then the festival has got that covered too. And by covered I mean FREE Noggi frozen yoghurt for the screening of Architecture 101. More fun than couples quiz! There'll be one of those too.

Noggi Noggi Noggi!

If you prefer your dressing up to be a bit more, well, illegal, then the Gangster Dressup is for you. Set to coincide with the screening of Nameless Gangster, there'll be prizes for the best dressed. Or do I mean the baddest dressed?

Get your gangster on!

You may think you're the best dancer in your bedroom when you're alone, but how do you compare to those who actually train? You'll be in the mood for some dancing when 9 Muses of Star Empire is on so what would be a better time to see some of the local Kpop dancers show off their moves. Do you know the Five Cylinder Dance yet? You better brush up.

It's time to dance!

With the short film selection that's on you can't even see these film anywhere else so you're going to miss out altogether if you don't go to the festival to see that.

Film festivals are great. It's getting to the stage where just going to the local cinema is a let down compared to a film festival. The excitement, the sense of an EVENT is happening. It's something special. For you, for everybody. Your projector and blu-rays just won't cut it anymore.

By Michael Collins

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