Thursday, August 15, 2013

KOFFIA Short Film Comp Interview: "Vincents Guilt II Bullet Blues" with Dee Choi

Check out our exclusive interview with KOFFIA 2013 Short Film Competition finalist Dee Choi below! Buy your tickets to what will be an exciting short film session, screening August 25th in Sydney!

1. What / Who inspired you to join this competition? Why did you get into filmmaking? 
I’ve always been interested in filmmaking but only actively began pursuing it once I saw “10 minute film school” by Robert Rodriguez on Youtube.

2. Can you tell us more about your film? What made you want to tell such a story?
We met during the day to prepare to shoot “Vincents Guilt”, but we had to wait until night to actually begin shooting. Since we had time to kill, we just decided to muck around and shot “Vincents Guilt II”. We began with the simple premise, “Vincent is looking for something”. Everything else was just made up as we went along.

3. Why would you choose to make your film a black & white film? 
The film is a fusion of noir and silent films. And some comedy.

4. The man hesitates between self-destruction and self-forgiveness, what is the key message wished to tell through this? 
A single decision can lead to great consequences. 

5. Were there any difficulties during the entire shooting? Which part did you enjoy most and why? 
Only difficulty was the editing in postproduction. Before I thought of the noir/ silent film concept, I didn’t know how to put the shots together as a cohesive narrative. The part I enjoyed most was directing my actor to do stupid stuff.

Thanks to Dee Choi for the Interview!

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