Tuesday, March 20, 2012

20,000 views and Counting!

The success of the Korean Cinema Blogathon cannot be understated! It has been the driving force over the last 2 years that saw the KOFFIA Blog, also known as Hungry for Drama, achieve the 20,000 views mark. A great initiative from the likes of Martin Cleary and Rufus de Rham, that we hope goes on for years! 

The Blogathon Effect!
More than 190 articles were written during the 2012 Korean Cinema Blogathon, as people from all around the world developed the discussion about Korean cinema. The more content that is written on or about Korean film can only help develop the industry, and its place in respected world cinema. 

We thank all of those bloggers that took part, and also all of you out there that consumed all the content! We specifically want to give a shout-out to the 13 KOFFIA contributers, who seemed to really raise the bar this year with their pieces which ended up totalling 30 individual posts! (quite possibly the most in the entire world from 1 source!) 

In case you missed any, we are going to list them all below, and we hope you all return again for the 2013 Korean Cinema Blogathon. Thanks again to CineAwesome! who did indeed do an awesome job with coordinating the week, and to the support sites such as New Korean Cinema, Modern Korean Cinema, Hangul Celluloid, V Cinema and Far East Films

It was great fun, and as always, LONG LIVE THE BLOGATHON!

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